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Personal Breakthrough Coaching usually follows four stages;



Before meeting, we offer an initial assesment via a telephone conversation with you to determine your needs and goals, and will also discuss with you how long your sessions will be.



A Questionnaire will then be sent to you for completion before your session, requiring honest and thorough answers that will enable you to start the process of change. This will enable your thoughts to be focused on your goals and targets.  The more time and effort put into this, the more effective the session will be.



The typical total coaching time is usually around 6 hours and is split over two sessions as follows:















The success of these sessions is dependent on your honesty and ability to answer questions openly, to stick to instructions when resolving the issues and give 100% commitment obtain results.



Some extra 'homework' will be issued to continue these positive changes created by yourself in your breakthrough sessions. Feedback is recommended on each sucessfully completed task/activity, and your progress report can be sent or emailed back directly to myself. Don't worry- there is no pass or fail!







o Establishing needs and wants for your Personal Breakthrough

o Uncover the real underlying beliefs and motivations around the issue

o Discover the root causes of the problems that prevent you from experiencing the life you want

o Map the web of the problem and how it manifests each area of your life




o Releasing all negative emotions from the past

o Undo any limiting beliefs you have about yourself or your life

o Resolve any internal conflicts that prevent you from giving life 100%

o Establish and install new behaviours that will support your new way of being

o Set goals for direction, focus and purpose

o Agree short term tasks to be completed shortly after the session to ensure all new behaviours are installed

Session one

Session two

Stage 1 - Initial Phone Conversation

Stage 2 - Pre-Session Questionnaire

Stage 3 - 1:1 Breakthrough Coaching

Stage 4 - Post Session Homework

Throughout each stage, and after completion, I offer full telephone and email support at no extra charge. People often find this helpful to answer questions, review progress and help set even more ambitious goals for the future.

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