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An effective way to take control and                   .

 initial assessment of suitability and history/ background gathering in order to create a personalised therapy plan for your subsequent session.

Tailor-made for you and your needs, this session lasts approximately one hour.

'therapy' and 'hypnotherapy' is conducted and utilised to help you become a non-smoker. The session lasts for approximately between one hour to ninety minutes.

Session One

Session Two

Please note: Smoking Cessation Therapy is not inclusive of the FREE initial consultation & 10% Discount offer

This specialist service is split over two sessions:

My husband came and had hypnotherapy, and I am so pleased to say that he has not smoked since! I am amazed and really do feel like it's a miracle!



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Stop Smoking hypnotherapy Hertfordshire
Stop Smoking hypnotherapy harlow essex
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central register of stop smoking therapists accredited practitioner Harlow
Smoking Hypnosis Hertfordshire essex hypnotherapy
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